Thinking about buying a vacation home in Florida? Here are some important questions you want to think about, and talk to a REALTOR® who specializes with Vacation Homes. How will you use the home? Will it just be for family and friends, or do you plan to rent it as well? And realistically, how many times will you use it per year? Our site can help you as well!

  1. Consider how you will use the home
  2. Look at locations and their popularity
  3. Stay there and talk to the locals
  4. Make sure you can legally rent as you want, many areas are restricting Air BnBs
  5. Look at all the cost including management, taxes, cleaning, repairs, etc.
  6. Talk to your accountant and make sure it makes sense for you
  7. Stay there, do you love it?
  8. Work with an experienced REALTOR® that knows the ins and outs of 2nd home purchases
  9. Take your time. Make sure you are balancing practicality with emotion!

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