Do you have dogs or cats and are you looking to buy a new home? If you are like me and pets are family, so of course you need to take their needs into consideration.  As both a pet owner and a real estate agent, I've put together some of the top 3 considerations when looking for new home. 

Here are a few of the basics if you are buying a home:


Buying a Home and Got Pets?

Here are some Tips of What to Look for in a New Home

  1. The community or HOA rules, may restrict the size and the type of pets you can own. Always read the HOA rules on pets before putting in an offer. We found a community in North Tampa and put down an offer on the house, only to find the HOA rules online and learn they limited residents to only 2 pets. A dog and cat, or 2 dogs or 2 cats; but my 3 dogs would not have been allowed. Luckily we withdrew the offer before the seller signed it and we spent money on inspections.
  2. The house may have fencing restrictions because of the community, city, or county zoning. I love Florida, but some of the HOAs and communities do not make it easy to put up fencing. Just one community we saw had 3 different rules as to the type of fence you could own, depending on if the back of the house faced the lake, the woods or another house.
  3. Wildlife risk to pets. Depending on where you live, other wild animals could pose a risk. In Texas, my father-in-law has to be careful with the coyotes coming on his land. In Florida we have to watch properties that back to fresh-water lakes since they can have alligators. My husband wanted a lake home until I saw an alligator lying next to one while house-hunting, then he decided the view wasn’t worth risking the dogs. 

Of course these items need to be matched with their owner's budget, commute difference, and the community where they live.  Make sure your agent is pet-friendly (and better yet, familiar with the pet HOA rules in the communities around you) so that you are all on the same page when buying a home.


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