How to Choose Your Listing Agent

When selling your home, you will need your trusted real estate agent to handle the transaction on your behalf. An effective listing agent offers guidance on pricing. He or she suggests strategies to enhance the property’s appeal for sale, manages marketing efforts, organizes open houses and showings, presents buyer offers, and skillfully negotiates to secure the optimal price and advantageous terms. Discovering a real estate agent who can secure the best possible deal for your home within a reasonable timeframe requires diligent research and consideration. To make the right choice, follow these tips to identify a qualified professional who aligns with your requirements.

Get referrals

Based on a survey in 2022 by the National Association of Realtors, it showed that 36% of sellers discovered their agent through recommendations from family and friends. While an additional 27% opted to retain an agent they had worked with previously when buying or selling a home. If you have not worked with any agent previously, inquire with your friends and co-workers about their experiences with agents they might endorse. You should particularly choose those who have engaged in home sales within the recent years. Gain insights into their interactions with the agents, and gauge their overall satisfaction with the outcomes.

Decide What’s Important to You Before You Interview

What are your priorities when it comes to a real estate agent? Before arranging interviews, take a moment to reflect on what holds the utmost significance for you.

Is effective communication a pivotal aspect? Are you inclined towards phone conversations or written communication through text/email? Are you aiming for a swift sale? In that case, prompt responsiveness could be a top priority. Do you lean towards an agent who guides the process actively, or do you envision a more participatory role on your part?

Review The Agent’s Experience

Ensure the credentials of potential listing agents by cross-referencing their names with your state’s real estate licensing database. Explore agents’ websites and look through their biographies. Evaluate their past and present property listings to confirm their familiarity with your locality and their success in selling homes similar to yours.

Rule Out Agents with Red Flags

When choosing your listing agent, it’s prudent to be equipped with the ability to recognize potential warning signs from the outset. Be vigilant for the following indicators that might suggest a less-than-ideal agent:

  • Mediocre marketing skills
  • Has limited sales experience
  • Real estate is their side job.
  • Too pushy
  • Unfamiliar with your market
  • Shaky negotiator

A good listing agent have these characteristics:

  • Experience
  • Honest
  • Has a big network
  • Great negotiation skills
  • Effective communicator

Questions to Ask Your Candidate Listing Agent

While online research offers significant insights, the optimal approach to selecting a real estate agent is engaging in direct conversation. Through dialogue, you can gauge essential qualitative attributes such as honesty and amiability, while also assessing the compatibility of your personalities and communication methods.

When gearing up for interviews, draft a list of questions that address your most prominent concerns.

  • What is your commission rate?
  • What experience do you bring to the table?
  • How well do you know the area?
  • What’s your selling strategy?
  • How has your business changed in the last five years?
  • How many people are you selling homes for right now and what are you doing for these clients?
  • What do you think will the biggest challenge to selling my property?

Final Agent Selection Checklist

Now that you have interviewed a few agents and have found the one you want to work with, go over these checklist.

  • [ ] Is the agent licensed in my state?
  • [ ] Does this agent have additional training and/or certifications that could be beneficial for my case?
  • [ ] Do I feel comfortable with this agent’s communication style?
  • [ ] Does this agent appear to have professionalism and integrity?
  • [ ] Does this agent have the experience in selling homes like mine?
  • [ ] Does this agent have a great reputation in the community and online?
  • [ ] Does this agent have proven and recent results in selling homes?
  • [ ] Is this agent an experienced negotiator?
  • [ ] Do I feel comfortable and confident working with this agent?

After identifying a listing agent you wish to get, it’s probable that you’ll enter into a listing agreement. This agreement will stipulate a specific service duration and an agreed-upon commission rate. Throughout your collaboration in the upcoming weeks or months, prioritize maintaining transparent communication. Convey your expectations to the agent and don’t hesitate to seek clarification or express concerns when needed. Addressing minor matters promptly will help prevent potential misunderstandings down the line.