Home Renovations you can DIY

Whether it’s boosting property value or simply elevating your living environment, homeowners are more interested in sprucing up their spaces without breaking the bank. DIY home renovations offer a cost-effective avenue for a space makeover, but caution is key to avoid unexpected expenses. There are numerous wallet-friendly ways to give your home a fresh look without resorting to borrowing or splurging excessively. It’s also a great way to prepare your property before selling it.

Wallpaper an Accent Wall in the Bathroom

Wallpapering has become more manageable, even for newbie DIY enthusiasts, making it a fantastic home renovation option for those on a budget. Adding pattern and color to a space is a breeze with wallpaper. Plus, you can keep costs down by focusing on just one accent wall. If you’re not quite ready to commit to traditional wallpaper, give the temporary, peel-and-stick variety a try. It’s easily removable, allowing you to experiment with design trends without a long-term commitment.

Swap Out Hardware

Revitalize your cabinets with a modern touch by updating the hardware. Choose for various styles within the same family, such as long pulls for drawers and small knobs for doors. Alternatively, create an eclectic vibe by mixing and matching different finishes. Consider adding backplates if your current knobs allow for a more stylish and shapely flair.

Repaint the front door

Your home’s front entrance serves as the welcoming gift wrap, enticing people in when done right. Instead of splurging on a new door, go for a fresh coat of paint, new hardware, and a revitalized trim. Repainting the door and updating its accents are affordable, straightforward renovations that can significantly transform your home’s appearance.

Extend the makeover beyond the door. Give your home’s exterior a thorough cleaning with soap, a garden hose, and a robust brush. If you have a bit more budget to spare, you can swiftly and professionally polish the job by renting a power washer.

Add a Faux Island in the Kitchen

For a kitchen without an island, stand-alone tables or cabinets can be a budget-friendly solution. Simply attach rolling casters to make the piece easily movable. Keep in mind that adding extras like drawers or cabinets will increase the cost of this home renovation idea. If you’re aiming for a super-low budget, begin with a simple table—unless you already have unused furniture waiting to be repurposed into an island.

Add a Headboard

Transforming your bedroom is a surefire way to enhance its appeal, and one effective method is by adding a headboard—whether it’s small and elegant or large and dramatic. While purchasing a new headboard can be pricey, there are plenty of DIY options to elevate your style without exceeding your budget.

Create a Mini Mudroom

With just a seat, a shelf, and some hooks, you can craft a transformative and budget-friendly mudroom, even in a compact space. Instead of investing in pricey organizers tailored for this purpose, consider a blend of reused and repurposed pieces alongside more affordable, newer items that harmonize into a comprehensive solution. If space permits, having a designated cubby for each family member simplifies the daily routine.

Repaint cabinets

Transforming the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom is entirely achievable by resurfacing and repainting the cabinets, particularly if they’ve been around for decades. Although this process may demand some time, the expenses are significantly lower compared to a complete cabinet replacement.

Built-in Display Shelves

Children’s bedrooms pose an ongoing challenge for home renovations as they transition swiftly from toys and books to collectibles and more. A budget-friendly and straightforward home renovation idea is to incorporate narrow, wall-to-wall shelves. These shelves are cost-effective and adaptable to various bedroom sizes without demanding a significant amount of space.

Install Fresh Curtains

Updating your window treatments can completely alter the ambiance of a room. Curtains, in particular, offer a budget-friendly option, especially if you opt for pre-made styles, and they are quick to install. For instance, you can acquire a stylish curtain rod and snag a set of two curtain panels on sale for less than $40. If your windows are non-standard sizes, consider adjustable no-sew drapes, using double-sided fabric tape for a seamless solution.

Plant Some Flowers

Enhancing your garden with a selection of vibrant annuals like marigolds or petunias is an excellent strategy for boosting curb appeal. While flowers provide a cost-effective means to introduce seasonal bursts of color to your property, it’s worth noting that landscaping efforts can potentially elevate your home’s resale value.

For a low-maintenance option to revitalize your front yard, consider incorporating a couple of potted flowering plants or window boxes. These additions not only contribute to a charming view from both the inside and outside of the home but also require minimal upkeep.

Transforming your spaces doesn’t necessarily require a big budget. It just takes a few changes to give your home a fresh look that will enhance your living environment and increase your property’s resale value.