House Design Trends in 2023

The same trends that have been consisted in the last 2 years will also be prevalent in 2023. The open and flexible floor plans are still the in thing this year. Homeowners expect sustainable design with warm and cozy spaces that are designed around how they live. Check out these house design trends that may make waves this year.

Home Office Updates

Lifestyle changes that were due to the pandemic continue to hold powerful for home owners. Home offices are no longer a nice-to-have. Hybrid work setup has come to stay in the workforce, people want to know what works best working at home. Home owners would prefer ‘pocket offices’ where they can go to a Zoom meeting or a quiet space to work. These smaller spaces are growing in popularity as they want the convenience of a home office without sacrificing too much square footage in their homes.

Making the Most of Tiny Spaces

This year, designers will highlight spaces by adding visual interest or creating tiny spots for reading, craft, or working. Homeowners are getting creative at carving out spaces in the home where they can unwind and relax. It may be a window seat, hallway alcove, or space under the stairs, homeowners try to update their homes that are not too expensive but have significant impact on their lifestyle.

More Family Spaces

Homebuyers now prefer bigger family spaces to socialize. The open kitchen and family room plans are favorites.

The kitchen quickly becomes a hot spot for social activity. Social kitchens were the space is big enough for multiple users can move with ease, a large island, and plenty of benchtops are the house designs being looked for. There are cases where house owners would include a butler’s pantry in their floor plan. The butler’s pantry is a separate room located off of the kitchen and dining area so they can keep unsightly kitchen items away from the guests’ view.

Nature-Inspired and Eco-friendly Design

More home owners choose an eco-friendly design with solar panels to energy-efficient windows, programmable thermostats, using induction cookers, and other sustainable design that are environment friendly. People know the importance of sustainable designs due to the effects and reports on climate change.

Moreover, homeowners continue to go for nature-inspired spaces within their homes. Interior design with wood, nature-inspired colors like soft blue and greens, as well as live indoor plants are incorporated in their homes.

Modern Bungalow

This 2023, the modern bungalow design gets the attention from younger home buyers. Bungalows are one-story structures that are small, affordable, and has that curb appeal. The modern bungalow has higher ceilings, a more contemporary floor plan, larger bathrooms with a modern exterior. First-time buyers and empty nesters will go for smaller and more efficient homes.

Conserving resources, minimalist design, lifestyle changes, and cutting home expenses are the emerging considerations for the home designs this 2023. The market remains strong and these emerging trends can give you some ideas and inspiration on your next home purchase or house improvement.