Kitchen Features Homebuyers Want

You may love your kitchen but your potential homebuyer may not. Here are some of kitchen features you may consider should you want your current property more appealing to future homebuyers.

Built-In Appliances

For a more integrated look, built-in appliances like the refrigerator and double ovens nestled in the cabinetry is the ultimate kitchen feature. There is storage directly above and to the side of the appliances.

Modern kitchens forgoes walls to create one coherent, open, and modern interior space. The clean, elegant, and repetitive cabinetry provides symmetry that home buyers want.

Clever Storage

Modern kitchens focus on keeping tools and appliances in a convenient and easy-to-reach spots. Buyers prefer deep drawers for pot storage, open shelving, glass-front cabinets, and full extension sliding shelves. Other buyers would appreciate an on-counter garage to house appliances often used but preferred to be out of plain sight.

Coffee or drink bars are also appreciated by homebuyers.

Another ultimate wish list of home shoppers are walk-in pantries. Providing plenty of storage space for small appliances and storage solutions that promote sustainable recycling, are some of the vital additions that you need to include your kitchen design.

Narrow pull-out drawers sneaked in between cabinets and appliances allow you to make the most of the space. This pull-out drawer can include divided storage containers for utensils with bumpers to keep spice jars in place.

Dining Islands

Kitchens are no longer just a place for cooking, it has become an entertaining space for families. The island can provide extra seating, additional preparation space, as well as additional storage. Cooktop can also be placed on the kitchen island. When you do so, opt for a statement-making range hood for a more streamlined look.

Ample Lighting

Homebuyers love a well-lit kitchen. You may go for dramatic skylights, pendants or mood lighting under the cabinets. Consider multiple fixtures to cover every area. Recessed ceiling fixtures offer ambient light and don’t forget under-cabinet lights for proper task lighting on each countertop.

Other things to consider in the kitchen is an open-concept layout as this has been a trend for years. This allows more natural light to come in and invites a spacious and comfortable warmth to the home owners. Moreover, buyers want a kitchen that is fabulous and functional. Consider creating spaces that has ample work surfaces, great seating areas, and plenty of storage.

Homeowners want to get a lot for their money, by providing kitchen features that appeal to them, you will convince a buyer that they have found their dream home.