Things That Turn Off Potential Homebuyers

In anticipation of placing your home in the market, it is wise to check the different things that could turn off your potential homebuyers. If you want to sell your house, you would want to maximize its value. Even if your home looks great on paper, potential homebuyers may be turned-off due to some overlooked factors. These small but important factors may affect your home’s value. Your home’s first impression of your property may make or break your deal with a homebuyer.

Lack of Cleanliness

The number 1 biggest mistake that any home seller will commit is to put their houses in the market when it is not in its best possible condition. Keeping your home clean and without clutter is a very important factor in making your property saleable. Potential homebuyers must be able to visualize themselves living in your house. And it makes it harder for them to do so if there’s filth and clutter.

When a potential buyer sees your dirty rooms, furniture, or appliances, this put doubts as to how well the property has been looked after. So, before you put your house in the market, declutter and do not skip the deep cleaning.

Lack of Storage

A lot of homebuyers have already outgrown their current homes hence they are shopping for a new property. By showing them that you have room to grow in your house gives them a reason to buy.

Make sure that your closets are half-full with nothing on the floor. This gives the potential homebuyer time to visualize that their personal items would fit and still has room to grow. For kitchens, showcase spaciousness by following the rule of three. Do not put more than three countertop appliances. For bookshelves, divide the area into three: a third of the space for books, a third for the vases, and the last one-third should be empty.

Adding a little more storage space can assist in showing potential homebuyers that they can live contentedly in your home.

Poor Curb Appeal

First-glance impression of a house is called the curb appeal. The appearance of the house matters. You need to trim your yard, mow the front lawn, power-wash the exterior, and get the front spotless. The front door should be free of cobwebs and dust. Make sure as well to put a new and clean door mat for open houses and showings.

When you show that your front garden is well-maintained, it conveys the message that you care for your home and this makes prospective buyers to get inside and see the rest. If the outside of your house isn’t at its best, it may turn off potential homebuyers before they’ve even stepped foot inside.

Smelly House

Needless to say, showing a smelly house to prospects will surely turn them off.

It’s easy to become nose-blind or used to the unique odors of your home. Before showing, ask your real estate agent or a friend to point out any foul smells in your house. Odors may come from your pet, food, smoking, and others.


  • Do not cook any friend food, fish, or greasy food while your house is in the market.
  • Remove any pet paraphernalia and make sure the animals are not around when the house is shown
  • Remove all ash trays, clean all curtains and upholstery and consider smoking outdoors while the house is in the market.
Outdated fixtures and appliances

Prospective homebuyers are not impressed with tarnished doorknobs, dated ceiling fans, light fixtures and kitchen appliances. Replace these as much as you can.

Also, for appliances that don’t work, repair or replace them before the house goes on the market. If that is not possible, it is going to hinder you from getting the highest price possible for your property.


Your goal is to make your potential homebuyer to visualize themselves living in your house. This would include imagining their belongings in your home. If your house is filled with family photos, family heirlooms, travel souvenirs, and other personal belongings, it may be harder for them to imagine buying and living in your property. Reducing these items can help your buyer see your home as theirs.

Too much personalizing of the house would also include those wallpapers and dainty painted walls that would turn off homebuyers. We suggest repainting the walls in a more neutral color. Doing so can give your home a fresh and polished appearance that can appeal to a broader market.

Do not be discouraged if your house does not tick to each and every potential buyer that visits your property. Following these tips to make your house have more appeal to homebuyers will eventually land you the deal that you have been earnestly waiting for.