Things to Consider Before Buying a House with Pool

Purchasing your next home and considering a pool along with it is a big decision to make. Homebuyers like the idea of a swimming pool most specially for the convenience of a quick splash, deck side parties, playdates, and a conversation starter for neighbors and friends. But pool ownership is more than just providing towels. Here are some things you should consider before buying a house with pool.

Pool Maintenance

Pools can provide homeowners an enjoyable place to relax, however, one of the disadvantages of having one is the pool maintenance costs. Keeping it clean all season requires regular maintenance. When in use, experts recommended, a pool should be cleaned weekly. Cleaning it yourself would require purchasing equipment and chemicals. If you don’t clean the pool yourself, hiring a pool maintenance service personnel can quickly add up to your expenses. According to the website Home Advisor, homeowners spend an average of $115 per visit of a professional pool cleaner.

Pool Safety Tips

A house with pool must take safety precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. The perimeter of the pool should have fences to prevent kids from accessing the pool unsupervised. Whether or not kids were invited to come and play in your pool and a tragedy befall them, you will be held liable. If the house that you are buying does not have a secure fence with a locked gate, that’s an investment you will have to make right away. Many localities require a safety barrier to be installed around a residential pool to help prevent accidental drownings.

Diving boards also pose a safety risk. Insurance companies may likely charge a higher premium or won’t cover diving-board injuries. Should the pool has diving boards, ask the seller to have the diving board removed before you go to closing.


Before closing, discuss with your agent if the pool will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. In-ground and above-ground pools may have a difference in the classifications under your insurance specifics.

Also, since pools face potential pool-related injuries, consider increasing your liability coverage beyond what is already offered through your homeowners insurance policy.

Pool Repair

A common repair encountered by pool owners is a tear in the pool’s lining. This liner acts as a barrier between the pool walls/floor and water, which also helps prevent mold growth. The fees for replacing the entire liner would be a minimum of $1700 for parts and labor.

Leaks may also be a problem with houses with pools. Inspection and repair may cost thousands.

When considering to purchase a house with pool, ask the seller about any previous repair work. Find out what were the type of repairs made and when they were completed.

The summer is coming up and having a swimming pool comes in handy. Pools can beat the heat and cool off the homeowners, their friends and families in their own backyard. Looking to the benefits and considerations before purchasing that dream home is a perceptive way to discern if a house with a pool is something you would want as your property.